“I am passionate about transforming your international enterprises from ‘good to great’ or lead the turnaround for the under performing parts of your business”

I have extensive experience leading multinational clients to drive profitable growth and anticipate the opportunities presented by a rapidly changing business environment. I bring in a deep understanding of the challenges faced by companies competing on the international stage and of the prospects presented by emerging markets and new technologies.

I am different to other consultants as I don’t see value in producing strategy or operational optimization papers without assuring that strategy can be deployed and optimization efforts are sustainable. For this reason I don’t just advice executives on what (strategy) to do but show how (operations) to do it as well. I transfers my experience and tools as a coach and facilitator, helping everyone within the organisation (Top Floor to Shop Floor) to recognize the changes needed so they can continue to transform their organisation, even after the engagement or interim assignment is complete. The end result is that my clients develop the confidence to try and can make sustainable change happen.

I am a man of my word. I proofed many times before that I am always willing to lead and manage my client’s company through change and transformation hands-on by stepping into an “ad interim CXO” position with full P/L responsibility to generate consistently high value for my client’s customers (including shareholders as well).

  • Age : 45
  • Phone : +41 79 888 5275
  • Email : contact@dietmardold.com
  • Personal Page : http://www.dietmardold.com
  • Twitter : https://twitter.com/LEAN_INTERIM
  • Address : Zurich, Switzerland

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Switzerland Permanent Residence
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  • KPMG Switzerland

    Partner, Business Transformation

    Business Transformation is on top of the agenda of 96% of all CEOs. Transforming your organization will increase the chances to survive or even strive in disruptive time. My team work with our clients…

    Since 2016

    Head of Supply Chain and Lean Transformation Practice across ASEAN

    I've moved to Singapore to take over the Supply Chain Practice of KPMG ASEAN including the countries Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Starting from just a marginal market…

    2015 -2016
  • KPMG New Zealand

    Director Strategy & Operational Performance

    I came into KPMG NZ with the mandate to build up the 'Performance Consulting Practice' within Management Consulting in Auckland. I prefer to say that we help clients to achieve profitable growth by sharpening…

    2012 -2015
  • FRANKE, Switzerland

    Head of Global Lean Transformation

    Franke Kitchen Systems, a 2.3 billion CHF Company with more than 10'000 employees worldwide. Responsibility: 1. Building up a global Project Office overlooking more than USD70m budget and 470 Project Manager world-wide. 2. Led the Executive…

  • Business Mediator

    Australian Commercial Dispute Center, Sydney

  • Executive Master in Business Administration (MBA)

    Boston University, Florida Gulf Coast University, University of Würzburg

    Final Thesis about the Future of Leadership based on Interim Management and Lean Management.  

  • 4 Year Degree in Media & Computer Science

    University of Furtwangen, Germany

    Final Thesis about XML (1999) and published as a book (in German).



What are my clients saying?

"Dietmar is a competent and fact-driven person who persues and achieves his goals. He is able to handle both complex and challenging situations with engagement, linking the resources required to solve these challenges. I have enjoyed working with Dietmar on a professional and on a personel level."

Sascha Benke

Business Manager ALLTEC GmbH (A Danaher Company)

"I have gotten to know Dietmar as a thoroughly rounded business professional with a broad range of skills in both general management and more specialist subjects. During his time at PwC he took on a wide-ranging array of consultancy projects ranging from online marketing strategy to business recovery. All of these he mastered with bravado. He has extensive international experience and has a global mindset. On a human level, he is uncomplicated and pleasant to work with whilst at the same time contributing his sharp thinking in a non-obtrusive manner."

Dr. Eduard van Kleef


"Dietmar had been hired as an interim within Kitchen Systems Group to support the global corporate initiative to instil Lean Management into the global organisation, in particular global Operations where over 200 key employees and managers were trained and certified in the lean philosophy and practices. Dietmar is passionate about Lean Management and put all his efforts in to supporting this project and the business. He is hardworking, a good team player and supportive to those around him. I recommend him."

Jeff Roberts

International HR Director and Consultant

"I am impressed with Dietmar's work. He supported in the creation of our quality circle, working with our partner's in Franke and also with my own team. The work Dietmar undertook with us will have lasting benefits."

Simon Cotton

Managing Director Carron Phoenix Ltd

"Dietmar helped Franke during 2011 with implementation of our internal Project Management system, Quality Circles and E-bidding. Dietmar is a well grounded Lean and Business Excellence consultant that gets engaged with all levels and functions of the organization and gets them moving towards a common vision."

Jonas Nilsson


"The issue of product quality and service level between plants and markets is such a crucial topic and key success factor for us that the “investment” in Dietmar Dold is well justified. He has helped us tremendously in establishing the topic at the top of the agenda of the group and making the quality circle a standard procedure of the intercompany business."

Oliver Zimmermann

CEO Condair Group AG

"Dietmar works very professional and based on a well thought analysis. He is always very committed, loyal and full of new ideas."

Dr. Harald Schönfeld

CEO butterflymanager GmbH - Executive Interim Management

"Dietmar is one of the most intelligent and motivated people I know. He is always full of ideas and solutions for problems of his clients. Dietmar’s know-how and skills are brilliant, but at the same time pragmatic in his approach to solving problems and finding solutions. I would highly recommend Dietmar to anyone looking for quality, integrity, intelligence and knowledge, especially in the area of change management, lean management and lean processes."

Tom Rudolph

Head of Competence Center Communication Solutions SMA Solar Technologies AG

"Great presentations, good tutoring, knows his material very well and keeps people engaged. Good job Dietmar! Thanks again!"

Ray Bishop

Quality and Safety Air New Zealand

"Audience Feedback: "Interesting presenter - good message on value add and waste", "Engaging and informative", "Excellent! Great topic and presentation", "Excellent, informative, engaging, entertaining", "Good interactive activities", "Interesting concepts", "Thought provoking and future oriented""

Kerry Saberton

L & D Consultant Bright*Star Training

"Dietmar has some very unique skills, I watched him turn an under performing set of warehouse staff into a highly productive team. ...This saved the client millions of dollars in storage fees and delivered huge increases in cashflow for the sales teams. All of this was done without technology, just measuring, monitoring and empowering staff. A unique skill set. Truly an excellent management and lean specialist. Highly recommended."

Mike Francis

Director IT Advisory, KPMG

"Dietmar has been speaking at our events, consistently getting good reviews for the good quality of the content and his presentation skills: ”Humorous + informative. Great examples”, “Engaging, direct, thought provoking”, “Excellent and to the point”, “Good realistic challenges”, “Good presso – talked to us”, “Enjoyed content and presentation. Great model”"

Carolina Bernal

Conference Manager Conferenz

"I am delighted that I was part of the team that brought him to NZ. He has a great understanding of Lean and how to ensure organisations implement Lean prinicples in an effective and friendly manner. He has a great focus on customers and quality and has received wonderful feedback from clients that he has helped."

Alan Brame

Head of Advisory KPMG New Zealand

"Dietmar is the Sensei for Ingersoll Rand in Oberhausen, Germany. He is the first Sensei who we actually feel knew the process and was making progress with our team."

Douglas Dickinson

Vice President Operational Excellence Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies

"Dietmar has been my manager since I started at KPMG and he is an inspiring mentor for me as well as for all his staff. His strong interpersonal skills and unique ability to challenge, motivate and inspire his staff has significantly helped my professional development and learning. Any employee would be lucky to have Dietmar as a manager."

Laura Gudefin

Staff of Dietmar KPMG NZ

Family Values

The DOLDs:

” We are open-minded, curious, honest, warm-hearted, optimistic, respectful, tri-lingual world-citizens with a special kind of humor”.



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